Universal Engine Frame Mount Kit, Hydraulic (Frame Side)
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Universal Engine Frame Mount Kit, Hydraulic (Frame Side)

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This is our DIY Universal Engine Frame Side Mount Kit. This kit is meant to be welded to the vehicles frame rail and supports the bottom half of the hydraulic engine mount. 

Our hydraulic engine mounts greatly reduce engine vibration to the chassis compared to performance orientated polyurethane mounts.

They are made of rubber, and feature a hollow center filled with hydraulic fluid. They suspend the engine and absorb two main types of vibration:

-Low frequency vibration such as accelerating/braking, and harsh road surface conditions

-High frequency vibration that come from the unbalanced rotation/translation of components inside your engine


The pre-cut/drilled plates save you time and allow flexible positioning of your TDI engine between your choice frame rails. These are the same parts used in our own TDI swapped vehicles.

Please note, to complete the engine installation you will also need one of our engine block mount kits if you are installing a VW TDI engine.

 These kits ship unwelded to allow for custom positioning.

- (2) hydraulic engine mounts

- (2) lower hydraulic mount plates, 1/4" thick 

- (4) reinforcing gussets, 1/4" thick

- mounting hardware

- frame side to the outer edge of hydraulic mount is 4  3/8"

- 5" width

- 3  1/4" height

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