Adapter for TDI Engines

We have been building engine adapters for over 25 years with over 500 in use worldwide. Our adapter features alignment pins in the stock locations to ensure a perfectly centred fit.

The TDI engine adapters are 2" thick which spaces the engine away from the vehicle fire wall and helps with vacuum pump clearance. The Kit includes the TDI cast adapter and appropriate transmission plate as well as flywheel spacer, starter and hardware.

Adapters fit all 1.9L and 2L TDI's. Adapters are not transmission specific, they make the back of the TDI "look" like the back of the engine that the TDI is replacing. Most adapters can be used with automatic or standard transmissions 2WD or 4WD.

Custom Flywheels

Our flywheels are manufacture from high quality billet steel. This High Inertia billet steel flywheel helps the engine maintain RPM's in rough terrain. Billet steel flywheels are available for some of our adapter models.

These flywheels are CAD/CAM-designed and CNC-machined from billet steel for precise, no-hassle, bolt-in installation and are SFI-certified, so you know that you can count on them.


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