Jeep XJ Hydraulic Engine Mount Kit
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Jeep XJ Hydraulic Engine Mount Kit

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Hydraulic engine mounts greatly reduce engine vibration to the chassis compared to performance orientated polyurethane mounts.

Our hydraulic engine mounts are made of rubber, and feature a hollow center filled with hydraulic fluid. They suspend the engine and absorb two main types of vibration:

-Low frequency vibration such as accelerating/braking, and harsh road surface conditions

-High frequency vibration that come from the unbalanced rotation/translation of components inside your engine

Our Jeep XJ Hydraulic Engine Mount Kit utilizes the stock Jeep XJ engine mount locations. These mounts are guaranteed to work with all 1.9L / 2.0L TDI engines but will also work with a wide variety of inline 4 or 6 cylinder engines. The slotted bolt holes allow you to shift the TDI engine 2 inches forward to allow for increased firewall clearance. Our TDI engine adapter plate kits are also 2 inches thick, which allows the transmission to be closer to the factory mounting location. Custom transmission frame mounting is still required.

** You must have at least a 3" suspension lift to clear these mounts** If you don't have the required lift, then we recommend using our polyurethane XJ engine mount kit.

These kits ship unwelded to allow for custom positioning.

- (1) 1.9/2.0L TDI Universal Engine Block Mount Kit (engine side) (TDC19-4000-K)

- (2) XJ Cherokee pre-bent frame mount plates (frame side)

- (2) Hydraulic engine mounts

- (1) Installation hardware kit

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