VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit
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VW 1.9 2.0L TDI to Ford 3.0L Adapter Kit

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This adapter plate kit allows you to replace your Ford 3.0L engine with any 4 cylinder Volkswagen/Audi engine. The most commonly used engine is the VW TDI (ALH, BEW, BHW, CJAA). All VW/Audi 4 cylinder engines have the same bellhousing bolt pattern and crank hub. This means you can install any 4 cylinder gas or diesel engine made by VW/Audi using this kit.

***NOW AVAILABLE WITH OEM STYLE STARTER MOTORS. All our new kits have been modified to fit a Toyota 4.7 V8 starter motor. This is a Denso style starter motor, high torque, 2 kW power rating, affordable and readily available!***


Our kit has numerous features that set us apart from the competition.

PREMIUM BILLET ALLUMINUM ADAPTER PLATES. We do not skimp on quality, and only use high quality 6061 Aluminum billets. Our tempered 6061 is far superior to the cheap cast non-tempered aluminum adapter plates typically seen with cheaper adapter kits. Our billets undergo a tempering process of heat treating and artificial aging to achieve the perfect strength and toughness for our application.

EXTRA FIRE WALL CLEARANCE. Our 2 inch thick adapter moves the TDI engine forward 2 inches from the transmission bellhousing. This gives you extra fire wall clearance for the TDI vacuum pump and coolant pipe. The transmission remains in the original position, keeping the shifter in the factory position for most vehicle conversions.

HIGH PERFORMANCE CRANK ADAPTER. Our nitride case hardened alloy steel crank adapters are designed for high performance applications. Rated at 800 ft-lbs of torque, we set the bar high and make sure our parts are not the limiting factor in your build. Nitriding is a low temp, low distortion heat treating process that significantly improves fatigue strength of the metal. Crank adapters undergo significant stress cycles, making them a critical failure point. This is not where you want to cut corners on quality materials or design. Shockingly, our competitor's kits only offer aluminum or untreated steel crank adapters. Is it cheap and dirty, does it make the wheels turn at the end of the day, sure! Are they engineered to be the best? Not a chance!

2.0kW HIGH TORQUE STARTER MOTORS.  Our kits now come with two or three starter motor options. The Toyota 4.7 V8 Denso style starter motor is now our go to starter motor for all our TDI kits. It has an OEM proven track record, compact design, and best of all it is readily available and very affordable to replace! We still offer the 2 kW PowerMaster Chevy V8 for those who prefer aftermarket starters. These starter motors can be clocked to two or more positions to avoid any fitment issues in your engine bay.

MULTIPLE ENGINE CLOCKING POSITIONS. Our 2 plate system allows the engine to be clocked at 0° (vertical), 10°, and 15° degrees for fine tuning engine clearances. The transmission stays stationary while the engine rotates towards the passenger frame rail.

(2) Adapter plates, billet aluminum, anodized finish, 3 engine clocking positions.

(1) Crank adapter; nitride case hardened alloy steel for high performance applications (800ft-lbs torque). Pilot bearing pre-installed for manual kit.

(1) Multiple starter motor options:

-Toyota V8 high torque starter motor, Denso style compact 2.0kW 


-Power Master high torque starter, aftermarket custom compact 2.0kW

(1) Starter motor clocking adapter; billet aluminum, anodized black

Installation hardware for bellhousing, crank adapter, and starter are included. No flywheel/flexplate bolts are included. You need to use OEM equivalent flywheel bolts.   

OEM flywheel bolt size: 6 bolts, M10 x 1.0 x 23mm

This kit was specifically designed to replace the Ford 3.0L V6 (Vulcan) engine. This kit makes the back of the VW TDI engine look like the engine block it is replacing. This means you can bolt any Ford 3.0L V6 (Vulcan) transmission to any VW TDI engine using this adapter kit. 

Compatible Engine codes: Ford 3.0L (OHV Vulcan V6), Mazda 3.0L (OHV Vulcan V6) 

Compatible Auto Transmission: 4R44E, 5R44E (3.0L Bellhousing)

Compatible Manual Transmission: 

- M50D-R1 (3.0L Bellhousing)

- M50D-R1HD (3.0L Bellhousing) 

Compatible vehicle make and models:

- Ford Ranger (3.0L V6 Vulcan):     1991 to 2011

- Mazda B3000 (3.0L V6 Vulcan):   1993 to present (2022)

Auto Transmission Info


1995-2000 4-Cylinder & 3.0L V6 Rangers 

The name 4R44E means 4 forward gears, rear-drive platform (or 4WD, with a different tailshaft housing), rated for 440 ft/lb torque (after torque converter multiplication) and electronic shifting. Rated at 440 ft·lbs after the torque converter multiplier (engine torque ratings approx. 244ft·lbs).


1st: 2.47

2nd: 1.47

3rd: 1.00

4th: 0.75


1995-1997 4.0L Rangers

The 4R55E was used in heavier-duty applications, specifically with the 4.0 L Cologne V6 used in vehicles like the said Ford Ranger or Ford Explorer. Rated at 550 ft·lbs after the torque converter multiplier (engine torque ratings approx. 305ft·lbs).


1st: 2.47

2nd: 1.47

3rd: 1.00

4th: 0.75


2001-2009 w/2.3L & 3.0L

Upgraded version of the 4R44E but with 5 gears. The 5R44E was the lighter duty version of the 5R55E. Rated at 440 ft·lbs after the torque converter multiplier (engine torque ratings approx. 244ft/lbs).


1st: 2.47

2nd: 1.86

3rd: 1.47

4th: 1.00

5th: 0.75

Reverse: 2.10

***If your vehicle is not on this list, please cross reference and perform your own research. Other similar vehicle models may also be compatible. ***

Any 4 cylinder Volkswagen/Audi engine will work with our TDI adapter kits. All VW/Audi 4 cylinder engine bolt patterns are the same.

Check out the chart below for all compatible VW engines. 

Note: Our kits are specifically tested on TDI engines, so if you choose to use a VW gas or older TD diesel engines please do your own fitment research. 

Engine Name Engine Code Year Model HP/TQ Notes
1.5 D D 1976-1983 Rabbit 50 Naturally Aspirated
1.6 D CS, CR, JK, ME 1980-1992 Rabbit, Golf, Jetta 50-54 Naturally Aspirated
1.6 TD 1V, CY, MF 1981-1991 Rabbit, Golf, Jetta 59-68 VE injection pump
1.9 TD AAZ 1992-1999 Golf, Jetta, Passat 74/107 VE injection pump
1.9 TDI 1Z, AHU 1995-1999 Golf, Jetta, Passat, Beetle 90/145 VE injection pump
1.9 TDI ALH 1999.5-2003 Golf, Jetta, Beetle 90/149 VE injection pump
1.9 TDI BEW 2004-2006 Golf, Jetta, Beetle (MK4) 100/177 Pump-Deuse
1.9 TDI BEW 2006 Golf (MK4) 100/177 Pump-Deuse
1.9 TDI BRM 2006 Jetta (MK5) 100/177 Pump-Deuse
2.0 TDI BHW 2003-2005 Passat 134/247 Pump-Deuse
2.0 TDI CBEA 2009 Golf, Jetta 140/236 Common Rail
2.0 TDI CJAA 2010-2014 Golf, Jetta 140/236 Common Rail
2.0 TDI CKRA 2012-2014 Passat 140/236 Common Rail
2.0 TDI CVCA 2015 Golf, Jetta, Passat 151/236 Last year of the TDI engine in North America


Engine Name Engine Code Year Model HP/TQ Notes
2.0 ABA, AEG, AVH, AZG, BBW, BDC, BEV, BGD, AGG 1992-Present Golf, Jetta, Passat, Beetle 114 hp Naturally Aspirated, fuel injected
1.8 T AEB, AGU, AJH, APH, ARX, ARZ, ATW, AUM, AWC, AWD, AWL, AWT, AWW, BJX, BKF, BKV 1998-2006 Golf, Jetta, Passat, Beetle, Audi A4 148/155 Turbo Gas
1.8T AWM 2001-2005 Passat 168/166 Turbo Gas
1.8T AWP, BNU 2001-2006 Golf, Jetta, Beetle 178/173 Turbo Gas
1.8T AMU, BEA 1999-2005 Audi TT 222/207 Turbo Gas
2.0T (Turbo FSI) BPY 2006-2008 Golf Mk5, Jetta MK5, Eos, Passat B6, Tiguan, Audi A3 197/207 Turbo Gas
2.0T (TSI) CCTA, CBFA 2008-Present Golf, Jetta, Passat, Tiguan, CC, A3 197/207 Turbo Gas
2.0 T (TFSI) CESA 2009-2014 Audi TT, A3, A4 221/258 Turbo Gas
2.0 T 2015-Present Golf R 276/280 Turbo Gas


Our adapters make the back of the TDI engine physically resemble the back of the original engine it is replacing. No drilling or welding required, no custom flywheels, or shorted input shafts. Any transmission that originally bolted to your engine will work with this adapter kit.


Our two plate system allows you to clock/rotate the engine while keeping the transmission in the stock orientation. There are three different clocking positions: 0 degrees, 10 degrees, or 15 degrees.


Our TDI kits utilize the original flywheel or flexplate from the original engine being replaced. You will not need the VW TDI flywheel, clutch, torque converter, or starter motor. 


We use our Aerospace Grade CMM to pull all the dimensions off the original engine. It allows us to precisely reverse engineer the bolt pattern down to 0.0001". Incorrect alignment will cause premature failure of the pilot and input shaft bearings, excessive clutch plate wear, and internal gear binding.


-It depends on which vehicle you want to convert and how much mechanical experience you have.
-If you approach the conversion in stages you can get the vehicle driving in less than 5 days.
-Stage 1, do your research first, and lay out all your required tasks.
-Stage 2, focus on getting the engine in and driving with very minimal changes to engine and wiring harness.
-Stage 3, after you confirm the engine runs and drives, start your performance upgrades, custom wiring harness, gauges, engine rebuilds, etc.. This method reduces the number of variables you introduce to the project, and significantly increases your conversion success. Too many people make too many changes right from the start or try to make it perfect the first time round. Take it slow, minimize the number of changes all at once, and you will have a successful conversion!
-You will need regular mechanic tools, engine hoist, welding machine, basic fabrication knowledge, some electrical knowledge, and beverages.


-Not currently. We sell the conversion kits to get your engine into the vehicle and bolted to the transmission. 


-Conversion cost depends on the vehicle you are converting and the performance level you want.
-The TDI comes stock ranging from about 90hp up to about 150hp. The 1.9L and 2.0L can easily achieve 175+ hp and 300+ ft-lbs with only a turbo upgrade, injector nozzles, and a tune. Upgraded turbos start at $600, nozzles $250 plus installation/calibration, and ECM tunes $400.
-Our adapter kits are $1199 USD with free shipping.
-A used 1.9L TDI engines can be purchased for $500, and up to $1500 for the newer common rail 2.0L TDI.
-Add in some motor mounts, a little fabricating with your favorite electric metal glue gun and you could be on the road for under $2000.


-Yes the diesel should get at least double the fuel mileage compared to your gasoline engine.
-Diesel is typically cheaper than gasoline, plus the increased MPG nets you excellent savings and eventually pays for your swap.
-But lets be on honest, you are doing this because you want to save the polar bears and love sexy anodized parts.


-Yes an automatic transmission will work with our adapter kits.
-You will need a standalone TCM controller for your specific transmission. These controllers are highly tunable and have manual shift modes.
-Be aware of your torque converters stall speed and full lock RPM. You may need to purchase a new converter that better suits the TDI.


-Most certainly yes! For TDI conversions into half ton trucks we would recommend at least a Stage 4 Malone tune or equivalent with supporting mods (turbo, injectors, etc..). The little TDI can easily achieve 315ft-lbs+ with a larger turbo, injector nozzles, and a tune. In comparison, a Chevy 1500 with the 5.3L V8 is 320hp / 335 ft-lbs. It won't be a rocket ship but it is possible!

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